Protect Your Peace | Ep 031

Welcome to Girl Get Woke! Today I want to send you a little reassurance and a little kick in the pants to get you to take back control over your own feelings and your own life.

Pushing Myself for More | Ep 030

Welcome to the podcast today! In Episode 30 I’m talking about what it feels like to come out of a season of heavy emotions. Sometimes the anxiety and worry hit us again a second time and that might result in… “add to cart.” Right?! OK, let’s dive in!

Most Honorable Sister-in-Law Interview | Ep 029

Welcome to our very first Girl Get Woke INTERVIEW! Today I’m joined by my wonderful sister-in-law. I want you to get to hear her inspiring take on coping with traumatic life events.

Finding the Good in the Hard Things | Ep 028

Girl Get Woke Episode 28! Thanks for tuning in! Today I want to share how wonderful it can be to look at your life and find the silver lining. I’m in awe.

Last week my brother had terrible nerve pain, a traumatic seizure, and surgery to remove a brain tumor. I say this in the podcast, but it bears repeating here: Isn’t that bananas?

Certain Uncertainty | Ep 027

Thanks for tuning in today! I’m talking about a huge command decision I made for my shelter-at-home experience this May. You might want to consider a May goal for yourself if you’re turning to certain less-than-healthy sources of excitement a little too often. Just a thought.

Groundhog Day | Ep 026

Today I’m just dropping in with a little dose of encouragement and tips for how to make today awesome! I’m talking about the growth we may be going through during the pandemic and how to tap into the things we are ready for.

What Is Actually Going On | Ep 025

On the show today I’m breaking down this current health crisis for us because we are still in the middle of it, and we’re starting to wonder if things will ever go back to normal.

Back to Center | Ep 024

Are you feeling the weight of the world right now? This is hard. There is so much that is out of our control and we feel anxiety about it, but today I’m focusing on things we can do.

New Not Normal | Ep 023

Listen in to learn how to make the most of this very crazy time! 
Whether you’re sick, worried, scared or just bored Kelly has some amazing ideas that will help you ride this out and really take every opportunity available to you.

Which Side is Up? | Ep 022

Ladies, thanks for tuning in today to Girl Get Woke! I know everything is completely upside down right now and I just want to offer my love and encouragement.

Picture This | Ep 021

Today on the podcast I’m encouraging you to join me in the greatest little happiness hack! I have gained so joy from this activity and it’s virtually free and easy to do. I’m talking about developing photos that you love, holding them in yours hands and hanging them on your walls!

We Should Wear a Warning Label | Ep 020

Welcome to Episode 20 of Girl Get Woke! I’m dedicating our show today to this beautiful phase called mid-life. Tune in to hear mid-life survival necessities!

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