We Should Wear a Warning Label | Ep 020

Welcome to Episode 20 of Girl Get Woke! I’m dedicating our show today to this beautiful phase called mid-life. Tune in to hear mid-life survival necessities!

Fear of Ordinary | Ep 019

Love yourself for the ordinary woman you are and the ordinary way you dress and the ordinary way you live… And THAT sets you free to go be extraordinary. 

Marriage Story the Movie and What We Can Learn From it | Ep 018

Love is in the air! Today in honor of Valentine’s Day week, let’s crack the code on relationships. Healthy relationships result from being able to identify how you feel and communicate those feelings.

Truth Bomb | Ep 017

I’m talking about things like celebrating small victories. I’m talking about cultivating internal praise. And most of all, I’m talking about starting NOW. If not now, when? This is your time to start feeling amazing!

Digging Deep | Ep 016

Nothing zaps motivation like anxiety. Today I’m opening up about my struggle with anxiety and the ways I take care of myself. I’ve noticed that anxiety makes it nearly unbearable for me to do the exact things that will help me feel better. So, I’m gentle with myself and I re-start as often as I need to.

Find Your Bomb Lightening | Ep 015

Today we are breaking the loop! Think back to Therapy 101. You have a thought, then you have a feeling about that thought, then you act based on that feeling. We do this all day long.

Bucket List | Ep 014

As time is just flying by the concept of a Bucket List has been on my mind. I’m not just thinking about a “cool” checklist of “cool” things.

Bring On The Motivation | Ep 013

Let’s talk about the actual ups and downs of goalkeeping. We’re one week into the new year and I’m remembering now how the motivation factor plays a huge role in goal fulfillment. 

This Girl is on Fire | Ep 012

We couldn’t be more ready for a fresh start. No matter when you’re listening to this episode today can be your first day!

Keeping It Real | Ep 011

I’m here to tell you that my heart is so full this year. I have a lot of love and I’m so grateful, but honestly, I’m feeling a lot of loss, too.

There’s this thick melancholy all around me and I know I’m not alone. This is part of the human condition; I know some of you are feeling it, too. Let’s talk about grief a little bit and then joy so we can lift each other up this holiday season.

Inside Job| Ep 010

I am making two main commitments in 2020: Health and Connection.

I asked myself what was completely within my control and I decided just to focus on those things. So, I’m going to make some simple health goals that are totally doable and I’m going to show up for you everyday on Facebook Live. I really want you to know that I’m here as a support for you.

An Exercise of Reflection, By Magnolia

I want to share a 2019 Reflection Sheet with you that Joanna Gaines made that I totally loved. It’s here on my website…

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